Paula Yezak

I’ve been painting for as long as I remember. Always creating something, from sand, little shells or wood pieces I found. This helped me to escape inwards and give shape for all the things I felt too much. There was always a big dream in my heart to create something meaningful for this world, or even to create a better world. From little dreamer I became an adult idealist. After a few years working for environment organization and other foundations, my idealism evolved to pragmatism. But the need to change the world remained the same. Painting became a way for me to express my worries about the world and speak up about the things that matter to me the most. In most cases, those things, ideas or social issues don’t really have the voice themselves so my goal is to shape them with colors into messages to others. And the role for the viewer is to read this message by himself and hear the voice of the unspeakable.

In my practice I work mainly with acrylics, I feel my best in big scale pieces. I paint intuitively, choosing colors according to my knowledge in color psychology. My greatest intention is to bring some tenderness to the viewer by soft composition of colors as I believe tenderness and compassion is what the world needs right now.

Born 1990.

Education/ courses/ exhibitons:

Solo Exhibition 'Earth 2.0' - Kinoteka in Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw (29.11-8.01.2023)

Solo Exhibition 'Songs of summer'- Kinoteka in Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw (10.09-10.10.2022)

Charity auction for Ukraine - Pragaleria in Warsaw (4.2022)

Christmas group exhibition in 'Szóste piętro' theatre Warsaw (12.2021)

Christmas group exhibition in Dial Gallery (12.2021)

Art, Activism & Environment: Practical Approaches to Contemporary Ecologies with Aoife Desmond, node center(08/09.2021)

Bio Colour Workshop with Kari Cahill (01.2022)