In my artworks, I raise environmental awareness, so it is very important for me how I can limit the negative impact myself. On this page I will describe my journey towards the most sustainable practices that I can undertake as an artist who respects our planet.

Natural pigments for paints // In my practice, I increase the use of natural pigments to reduce mainly used acrylic or oil paints. I am learning to obtain pigments myself from the ground and process them on my own.

Second life of canvas // Many of my paintings and experimental works are painted over again so as not to produce new canvases. I also use existing frames to stretch new canvases.

Education // Each series is devoted to topic related to the protection of the environment or animals. With my message, I try to sensitize my viewers to what is around, believing that each of us wants to care for what we love. In my case it is nature.

I support social goals // piece of profit of each series is donated to various charities - activities for the climate or organizations fighting for animal welfare.

Recycling // I recycle paint packaging. I put pressure on paint producers in Poland, persuading them to adopt more ecological solutions. Therefore I invite other artists to do the same and make bigger change.

Reuse // I reuse packaging such as bubble wrap and cardboard as much as possible. In order to reuse the styrofoam that I am forced to use to protect my work for shipping, I invented a loyalty program that encourages my buyers to send it back to me, not throw it away.

I have also become a member of Gallery Climate Coalition whose goal is to encourage the decarbonisation of the visual art sector and promote zero-waste practices.